As illustrated in more details here, Italy is presently in a peculiar position as far as the UP/UPC is concerned.

Our Country did not join the enhanced cooperation in 2011 and is therefore not participating (together with Spain) to the Unitary Patent system (the UP).

Notwithstanding the above, Italy is a signatory to the UPC Treaty, and is actively participating to the works that should lead to the actual launch of the system, expected to include at least a local division located in Milan.

Now the Italian government is apparently oriented towards solving the above awkward situation, either by relinquishing the UP/UPC system altogether or by joining the enhanced cooperation and therefore the unitary patent.

On 16 February 2015 the Italian Ministry of Economic Development submitted a formal call for comments, addresses to multiple stakeholders,  about the following options:

Option 1: Italy to join the Enhanced cooperation and to ratify the UPC Treaty;

Option 2: Italy remaining adverse to the Unitary Patent but to ratify the UPC Treaty; or

Option 3: Italy against both the Unitary Patent and  the UPC Treaty.

The comments should be submitted within 20 February 2015. The Ministry communication did not disclose any background information, so that one may wonder if there is any actual agenda dictating this very strict deadline (criticized by a number of stakeholders).