On the evening of June 30, Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 153, the biennial budget for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. While you are no doubt reading the many summaries available as to the contents of this legislation, it should be noted that many widely-discussed provisions affecting K- 12 education were NOT included in the final version of the bill. Among these are the following:

  • performance-based salary schedules for teachers, unless your district is participating in Race to the Top funding (note, however, that SB 5, if not repealed in the pending statewide referendum, will require a performance-based system for teacher compensation)
  • Ohio Teacher Incentive Payment Program (would have provided $50/student stipend for classroom teachers meeting certain value-added criteria)
  • ban on new continuing contracts for teachers (note, however, that SB 5, if not repealed, will create such a ban)
  • initial 1-3 year/2-5 year contract sequencing for teachers
  • assignment limitations and possible early termination for teachers receiving “needs improvement” or lower ratings
  • changes to teacher and administrator termination process (would have eliminated referee hearings and required State Board to specifically define “good and just cause”)
  • home-schooled children participation in public school extracurricular activities

In a veto message, Governor Kasich chose to invalidate a provision that would have repealed the body mass index (BMI) screening requirements for certain public school students. The BMI/weight status screenings in existing law are thus continued.

The budget bill, veto message, and related materials are available at our HB 153 resource center.