The Visa Section of the British Consulate General in Brussels permanently closed on 3 December 2010. All UK visa applications from Belgium must now be submitted in person in Paris.


From 1 June 2010 all decisions on visa applications submitted in Denmark have been made at the UK Border Agency visa hub in Stockholm. Applicants still provide their biometric details at the British Embassy in Copenhagen, then passports and supporting documents are transported by secure courier to Stockholm.


The UK Border Agency office at the British Consulate General in Dusseldorf will close permanently on 31 March 2011. Applications will still be submitted at the visa application centres in Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf. However, from 1 March 2011 all UK visa applications submitted in Germany will be sent to the UK Visa Section in Croydon for processing. The UK Border Agency expects that this will result in a slight increase in visa processing times.


The Visa Section of the British Consulate-General in Amsterdam will close permanently on 28 February 2011. Applicants will now need to travel to the Visa Application Centre in Dusseldorf to submit their application in person.


The Visa Section of the British Consulate General in Los Angeles will close permanently on 1 May 2011 (the Consulate-General Chicago closed last year). All applications will now be processed in New York.