August Image, LLC v. Ice Cream Conversations, LLC, Civil Action No. 1:23-cv-01992-MHC (N.D. Ga., May 2, 2023)

No stranger to litigation, August Image, LLC, has filed suit in the Northern District for alleged copyright infringement. As an agency that represents contemporary photographers, August Image alleges that Ice Cream Conversations, LLC, an entertainment and celebrity news website, has infringed their represented photographers’ copyrights. The allegation involves four photographs taken by three photographers. The photographers named in the suit are Sebastian Kim, Ramona Rosales, and Martin Schoeller. As their “exclusive administrator and publisher of all copyright rights in and to” the photographs at issue, August Image is “entitled to institute and maintain this action.” Dkt. 1, ¶¶ 16, 20, 24, 28. The photographs at issue depict convicted felon and singer R. Kelly, rapper Azealia Banks, and two of professional athlete LeBron James. According to the Complaint, the Defendant is accused of publishing without authorization the copyrighted photographs on their celebrity news website in connection with various news articles.

The suit against Ice Cream Conversations is August Image’s fourth copyright complaint this year to be filed in the Northern District of Georgia. Outside of this District, August Image currently has 37 other copyright cases pending in Federal District Courts.

The case has been assigned to Judge Mark Cohen