The authority of the respective executive bodies of the City of Moscow (the Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision of the Russian Federation; the Ministry of Defence; the Federal Security Service; and other federal executive bodies) to inspect the construction and reconstruction of special facilities (defence and security facilities; foreign embassies; culturally important federal historical sites; as well as other major construction sites) has been extended until 1 January 2013 as per a decree (the “Decree”) of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Reconstruction work on the major facilities included in the list has been described in more detail. The term “major repairs” has been excluded as a separate type of construction work subject to state inspection.

As a result, the Decree has specified clearly the requirements for completing the preparation of a facility for major reconstruction.

[Decree No. 80 of the Government of the Russian Federation “On Amending Decree No. 54 of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated 1 February 2006”, dated 3 February 2012]