Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Spain participated in the V Overseas Investment Fair of China, held this December in Beijing, where potential Chinese investors were presented with the opportunity to enter sectors such as energy, telecommunications and tourism.

The fair, which was also attended by China’s state-owned oil giants CNOOC and Petrochina, and by such banks as the ICBC and the China Development Bank, attracted hundreds of Chinese companies looking to access foreign markets in a bid to strengthen their businesses.

Peru focused its presentation on the tourism sector: the country wishes to increase the number of visitors from 2.8 million in 2012 to 3.5 million in 2015, and indicated possibilities for investments in hotels, golf tourism and convention centers.

Ecuador highlighted its sound logistics position as well as the stability of interest rates offered by its economy, which allows for long-term investment plans, while the Foreign Investment Committee of Chile (CIECChile) featured the country as the highest-rated Latin American economy in international markets.

Argentina’s presentation, one of the most prominent in the fair, centered around an overview of its national economy and the sectors where foreign investment has been bolstered by new regulations, which run the gamut from automobiles to software and from biofuels to mining.

Brazil was also represented by the State of Rio Grande do Sul, interested in attracting investments for projects, such as a new airport in Porto Alegre.