On 6 September 2019, the Department of Home Affairs announced the development of a new Cyber Security Strategy to be unveiled in 2020 (2020 Strategy), and has called for input from the public through the release of a discussion paper. The 2020 Strategy will follow the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy (2016 Strategy), which set out the 4 year plan for a $230 million investment in Australia's cybersecurity.

Of the 33 action points under the 2016 Strategy, the Government has assessed 26 points as complete. The announcement of the 2020 Strategy follows cyber security expert Joseph Carson recently rating Australia's cyber security efforts as a "B". Mr Carson's rating was based upon a lack of transparency and communication in Australia's cybersecurity practices. Mr Carson criticised the data encryption laws that the Government passed last year, which allow government agencies access to encrypted communications held by companies for law enforcement purposes. However, Mr Carson also noted that Australia has invested in its cyber capabilities under the 2016 Strategy and strengthened its cyber framework. Mr Carson considered that Australia's cyber capabilities are 'up there' as compared with cyber security globally, and with greater transparency Australia could be given an "A" rating.

The public consultation on the 2020 Strategy closes on 1 November 2019. For more information, please see here or view the Government's 2020 Strategy Twitter feed here.