In this decision, Magistrate Judge Thynge denied defendant’s motion for reconsideration of her earlier order (2010 WL 925864 (D. Del. Mar. 11, 2010)), which bifurcated and stayed discovery on defendant’s antitrust counterclaims pending trial of the parties’ patent claims. The court found that it had ample discretion to stay the antitrust claims, because resolution of the patent issues might substantially affect or resolve the antitrust claims. Defendant would not suffer prejudice as a result of the stay. Further, the court expanded the scope of the stay to include defendant’s affirmative defense of patent misuse, because patent misuse issues are more analogous to antitrust claims than patent infringement or validity claims. Finally, the court denied defendant’s request for an interlocutory appeal. Judge Farnan subsequently overruled defendant’s exceptions to Judge Thynge’s ruling.