Watch our quick 1-minute video where Stuart Barr, HighQ's Chief Strategy Officer, discusses how to create structure to work through purposeful collaboration.

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Enterprise collaboration software is now widely adopted in organisations but how do we take it to the next level and really start driving digital transformation through purposeful collaboration?

Organisations need tools that have structure and purpose and focus on helping people to get work done.

At the core of it all is helping people to work together collaboratively with groups of other people both internally and externally across multiple use cases, including secure file sharing, document management, project and task management and social collaboration and communication to drive productivity, efficiency and optimise business processes.

At HighQ we think combining those traditional collaboration solutions with tools that allow you to build purposeful, structured mini-applications to solve specific business process, data collaboration or workflow problems is the answer.

It's the combination of all of these different forms of collaboration that really provides a powerful platform for structured, purposeful collaboration that helps drive digital transformation.