Senate Democrats unveiled ‘PA Works’ – a 6-point plan that Caucus Leaders say has potential to spur the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania. The plan will both reduce state spending and give businesses incentives to make investments, leaders say.

 "All over the state the people have spoken and the constant refrain has been – Jobs," said Jim Ferlo, D-Allegheny. "We have heard them loud and clear and this plan is the result. Not only will it create significant jobs in Pennsylvania, it will also save the state millions of dollars and invest in the economic development of local communities."

The PA Works plan focuses on six key areas: Small Business, Workforce Training, Critical State Investments, Clean and Green Energy, Infrastructure Investment, and Tax Fairness.

Leaders said the plan was crafted to avoid new spending where possible and to increase efficiency and eliminate redundancy in state government.

“We have to be a better friend to small business owners. They are the engine which drives our recovery,” said Sen. Wayne Fontana, Democratic Chair of the Senate Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee. “If we provide a more comfortable climate for them in Pennsylvania, they will be much more willing to make the investments which our communities so desperately need right now.”

“I know firsthand that our current economic development incentives are effective and important to our business community across the state but there are several areas where improvement is necessary and urgent,” said Senator John Blake, former Acting Secretary of PA’s Department of Community and Economic Development. “Taking the existing programs that we have and making them even more responsive to private-sector initiative is something that will not only save taxpayers’ money, but it will bring the returns on investment that taxpayers demand and deserve.”

In the coming weeks, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus will be introducing several pieces of legislation which forward each component of the PA Works plan.