The Department of State's (DOS) Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division, Charlie Oppenheim, recently shared extensive information on the future availability of immigrant visas (green cards). The DOS is the government agency that controls and tracks the annual quotas on the issuance of green cards. Each month the DOS issues the Visa Bulletin which outlines the availability of green cards for that month. A summary of Mr. Oppenheim's comments is listed below:

  • EB-1 will remain current
  • EB-2 World category will remain current
  • EB-2 China will advance three to five weeks every month
  • EB-2 India will show no further advancement after November. Individuals with priority dates on or before May 1, 2009 should try to get their adjustment of status applications filed in October.
  • EB-3 China will remain a few months ahead of EB-2 China to spur demand in the EB-3 category. After a few months, the EB-3 category will require a correction and will be cut off.
  • EB-3 India will continue to advance slowly at one to two weeks per month.
  • EB-3 Mexico will advance with the EB-3 World category
  • EB-3 Philippines may require a correction at a later point in the fiscal year if there is too much demand
  • EB-5 China remains current through November, however as previously predicted, this category may be cut off as early as May 2015

Please note that month-to-month availability of immigrant visas varies and depends on many factors. These forecasts do not guarantee future availability.