Oblon recognizes the continuing concerns in our community about the possible spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and Oblon is closely monitoring new developments and following the guidance of health officials to protect all our employees, guests, and our community.

Oblon has already undertaken efforts to protect its employees and guests as well as certain pro-active steps to provide continuing, uninterrupted service to our clients. Like many firms and companies, nationally and internationally, Oblon continues to follow the guidance of government health officials, particularly the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. State Department in establishing our policies and practices relating to COVID-19.

In this regard, the CDC has updated its list of countries and classification levels regarding travel. In conjunction with their recommendation, Oblon is temporarily adjusting its travel policy based on the CDC guidance.

In the unlikely event that the Firm would need to close our Alexandria, Virginia and/or our Tokyo, Japan offices temporarily or for an extended period of time based on the guidance of Federal and/or local health officials, we have a plan to enable the entire Firm to immediately work remotely and to seamlessly continue operations for our clients.

Oblon cares about this situation and how it is directly impacting people and countries throughout the world and we will continue to provide material and financial support to communities in the most highly affected areas. Oblon has already sent medical supplies to some of the hardest hit regions overseas using our longstanding relationships to identify clients and friends of the Firm in these areas to receive and help distribute these supplies. In addition, through financial donations to national and international organizations supporting communities in the most highly affected areas, Oblon is endeavoring to help in whatever way it can.

The firm will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide any updates or changes to our policies and practices as they become necessary.