The Transport Committee has published a report, “Motoring of the Future” which evaluates the Government’s support for the development of new automotive technologies and the action the Department for Transport (DfT) is taking to set standards, shape markets and influence consumer choices. The report looks at the increased use of telematics and big data and called for the DfT to see what use it might make of anonymised data from vehicles and how this can inform policy. The report also recognizes that the increase in the volume and variety of transport data presents new challenges in relation to data governance. The report suggests that although the vast quantity of transport data now available presents opportunities to provide smarter, more efficient and more personalised transport systems, greater clarity is required on the practical application of data governance legislation. The Committee recommend that the DfT ask the Information Commissioner to review the current rules and guidance on access to fleet and driver information and the rights of drivers and other interested parties to access vehicle data and to publish updated guidelines on the collection, access and use of vehicle data.

Report – Motoring of the Future