27 April 2016

Sector 'pleased to see' Government pause on anti-advocacy

NCVO, ACEVO and Social Enterprise UK issue a joint statement responding to the announcement of a pause on implementation on the anti-lobbying clause. NCVO, ACEVO and Social Enterprise UK

Cabinet Office

27 April 2016

Why the Charity Commission is going digital

The Charity Commission blogs about how it plans to use online services to communicate directly with trustees over the next few years.

The Charity Commission

22 April 2016

Regulator alerts charities to consultation on protecting against terrorist abuse

The Charity Commission is issuing an alert to charities to draw their attention to the Financial Action Task Force’s public consultation which focusses on non-profit organisations and the risk of terrorist abuse.

The Charity Commission

20 April 2016

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

HM Revenue & Customs publishes a consultation on reforms to the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.

HM Revenue & Customs