The inter - institutional game is not yet well known by the Citizens, the Professionals and the Enterprises in Italy as well as in others Countries. For this reason, NCTM try to give, with the NL 'Across the EUniverse', a set of contributions in which it is clear that each Institution plays a precise role.

The Commission proposes, the Council disposes, the European Parliament amends and in certain cases decides: that is clear to the expert of EU law, not to all the stakeholders and professionals which often happen to be confused in distinguishing between roles and contents. Last but not least, the Court of Justice ensures the uniform application of EU law, reviews the legality of the measures adopted by the EU Institutions and examines whether the Member States have infringed EU Law.

In the case of the Infringement Procedures, the Commission plays an important role: as a Guardian of the Treaties, Primary European Law, and of legislation, the Commission constantly monitors the proper application of EU Law by Member States (see contribution on Infringement Procedures, p.4). As Guardian of the Treaties, the Commission is also in charge of state aids control. The legality of Commission Decisions declaring state aids incompatible with the internal market can be reviewed by the Court of Justice in Luxembourg (see contribution, p.7).

During a negotiation of a Directive or a Regulation, the Commission is in the ‘second row’ waiting for the decisions of the Member States and of the Parliament. This is the case of the General Data Protection Regulation (see contribution, p.8) and the Proposal of revision of the Shareholders Rights Directive (see contribution, p.10).