Cable and other providers of interconnected voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) services will be required to pay regulatory fees for fiscal year 2007 under a ruling issued by the FCC on Monday. In accordance with congressional budget requirements, the FCC funds nearly all of its operations from fees that are collected annually from the agency’s licensees and regulatees. To finance its operations for the 2007 fiscal year, the FCC needs to collect $290.2 million no later than September 30. Rejecting arguments by the Voice on the Net Coalition that the FCC lacks the authority to collect regulatory fees from VoIP and other providers that are not subject to FCC licensing requirements, the agency decided this year to add interconnected VoIP operators to the class of providers that are liable for regulatory fee payments. The FCC also turned down a request, filed by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, to base cable VoIP contributions on phone numbers, as the agency opted instead for a revenue-based formula. Observers say that cable firms that provide VoIP as part of a triple play package of voice, video and broadband Internet services will need to allocate a portion of their triple play revenues exclusively to VoIP to derive the actual amount owed to the FCC.