On Monday’s deadline for entry into the FCC’s upcoming 700 MHz auction, several wireless industry heavyweights confirmed that they had filed FCC Form 175 applications to qualify as bidders. Until the FCC issues a public notice that lists the qualified applicants and gives other parties the opportunity to correct applications with minor deficiencies in advance of the December 28 upfront payment deadline, the FCC is not disclosing the identity of the applicants. Nevertheless, a number of prospective bidders, including AT&T and Google, confirmed that they had submitted applications to participate in the auction. Google indicated that it intends to bid on the open access C-Block. Other wireless entities that have said they plan to participate include Verizon Wireless, regional carrier MetroPCS, and Leap Wireless. EchoStar also announced the filing of an application, although its direct broadcast satellite service rival, DirecTV, said it would not participate in the auction. Sprint Nextel, which participated in last year’s advanced wireless service auction with a consortium of cable companies that included Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner, said it would not file an application, noting that it has “all the spectrum it needs to make its strategic business plans.” Cox has also said that it is entering the auction. Announcing the filing of its application for the paired public safety-commercial network in the D-block, Frontline Wireless proclaimed: “we are bidding to win and to put into operation the principles of open access and a shared network for public safety that we have championed from the start of this debate.”