Environment Canada has published notice that it intends to require the implementation of Pollution Prevention Plans in relation to Cyclotetrasiloxane, octamethyl-, which is a substance included on the List of Toxic Substances (Schedule 1 to CEPA, 1999).

The P2 Plans will be required of persons owning or operating an industrial facility that, in 2011, manufactures or uses D4, or a mixture containing D4, in a quantity greater than or equal to 100 kg per calendar year, and as a result of the manufacturing or use, releases and effluent containing D4 at the facility’s final discharge point. The Notice does not apply to persons owning or operating industrial facilities where D4 is used in a concentration of less than 1%, or where D4 is used in any solid material such as rubber, wiring insulation and seals, where the is no effluent containing D4 released at the final point of discharge.

A specific risk management objective of 2.3 ug/L applies to effluent released to surface water or to a wastewater system without treatment, and an objective of 17.3 ug/L applies to effluent released into a wastewater system with treatment. Dilution may not be used to reach the specified concentration, and P2 Plans are to encourage the lowest level of release of D4 that is technically and economically feasible. Priority must be given to approaches that “avoid or minimize the creation of pollutants or waste”, and alternatives to D4 should be considered in P2 Plans, provided those alternatives do not degrade into D4, or cause environmental effects similar to D4. The Notice sets out requirements for sampling and analysis, monitoring and record retention, and requires the filing of Interim Progress Reports until implementation has been completed.

P2 Plans must be prepared, and implementation must be started, within 12 months of the publication of the Final Notice. Implementation must be complete no later than 60 months from the date of publication of the Final Notice. For persons who become subject to the Notice at a date later than the date of publication, the plan must be implemented within 24 months of the person becoming subject to the Final Notice.