New research from the national nonprofit group Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) has reportedly revealed that, despite the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel’s (CIR’s)  2011 determination that formaldehyde is unsafe for use in hair-straightening products, 33 such  products containing high levels of the allegedly cancer-causing chemical remain on the U.S. market.  The advocacy group claims that no formaldehyde-containing hair-straightening products have ever  been removed from the U.S. market as a result of CIR’s announce- ment and notes that many other  governments prohibit the use of such products.

“Based on sound science, other countries are taking strong measures to protect the health of salon  workers and their customers from formaldehyde- containing products,” said WVE spokesperson Alex  Scranton. “U.S. government regulations continue to fall short, [and] consumers deserve to know  what’s in their products in order to make safer decisions about their hair care.” See WVE News Release, March 13, 2014.