On July 9, the FCC announced a $3.5 million settlement with carriers TerraCom, Inc. and YourTel America, Inc. to resolve an investigation into the exposure of personal information of over 300,000 of their customers online via unprotected servers used by their vendors to store customer information. The exposed information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and other pieces of sensitive information that were viewable by anyone with access to a search engine. Section 222(a) of the Communications Act imposes on carriers a duty to protect the confidentiality of “proprietary information of… customers” and the FCC Enforcement Bureau viewed this incident as a violation of that duty, as well as its duty under Section 201(b) to employ “just and reasonable” data security practices to protect the confidentiality of consumers’ proprietary information. Under the settlement, TerraCom and YourTel are required to (i) designate a senior corporate manager with certified privacy expertise, (ii) conduct a privacy risk assessment, (iii) put in place a written information security program and data breach response plan, (iv) maintain “reasonable oversight” of third-party vendors, and (v) offer privacy and security training. FCC-regulated entities should review their privacy and data security practices to ensure that they are taking appropriate steps to protect their customers’ proprietary information.