Despite minimal demand for electronically stored information (ESI) in discovery, a premiere motor vehicle manufacturer felt it important to proactively prepare for e-discovery response and ensure that, if the need arose, the company could defensibly identify, preserve and collect potentially relevant ESI, while arming its outside counsel with the information necessary to represent the company's interests in discovery disputes. DSP professionals assessed the overall effectiveness of the company's existing discovery and response practices (which were largely focused on paper records), the personnel designated to manage the process, and the technologies employed for discovery purposes.

Through collaboration with the corporate legal, IT and records management departments, the multidisciplinary DSP team identified gaps in current processes and developed a complete discovery response plan tailored for each major business unit, including creation of detailed legal hold procedures and data collections processes. When the company later found itself the subject of a significant demand for ESI, it was prepared to respond in a defensible, cost-effective manner.