The Dutch municipality of Ede has annulled contracts relating to a land development project after European Commission claims that the contracts were awarded in breach of procurement law. A complaint was made to the Commission after Ede awarded several contracts for a land development project, “Het Nieuwe Landgoed”, to a developer in the absence of an EU-wide tender. Under the contracts awarded, the contractor would develop a centre for commercial and social use including a sports hall, parking spaces and houses (including some for social housing). After investigating the complaint, the Commission sent a reasoned opinion to the Netherlands indicating that in its view the contracts concerned comprised public works contracts and a public works concession. In response, the municipality decided to annul the contracts relating to the development of the sports hall and parking spaces. It also removed the obligations under the principal development agreement requiring the building of houses and a centre for commercial and social works. Consequently, the remaining provisions under the contract related purely to the sale of land and no longer contained any obligations relating to works. As a result of the changes, the contract no longer falls within the scope of the Public Procurement Directive. The Commission therefore decided to close its investigation on 19 May 2010 without a referral to the European Court of Justice.