Subway has reached a settlement agreement in a case alleging its "footlong" sandwiches were not 12 inches in length. In re Subway Footlong Sandwich Mktg. & Sales Practices Litig., MDL No. 2439 (E.D. Wis., settlement agreement filed September 29, 2015). Under the agreement, Subway will require its franchisees to "use a tool for measuring bread in each Subway® restaurant to help ensure that the bread sold to customers is either 6 or 12 inches long" and will check for compliance during its monthly franchise inspections, with an increase in penalties for failure to measure up. If the court approves the agreement, Subway will pay each class representative $1,000 and the class counsel's attorney fees of $525,000, but no monetary awards will be distributed to class members. Additional information about the lawsuit appears in Issues 468 and 487 of this Update.