Last week saw a flurry of Procurement Policy Notes (PPN) issued by Cabinet Office as follows:

PPN 01/14: Information Sharing in Government Procurement Exercises

Within the context of Government increasingly operating as a single customer, this PPN sets out actions to be taken (including precedent contract and ITT clauses) to ensure that procurement information can be shared within government, including across Departments, Executive Agencies and Non Departmental Public Bodies. Information within scope includes confidential and/or commercially sensitive information submitted by bidders during the tender process and is therefore likely to raise some concerns as to how such information will be effectively protected.

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PPN 02/14: Extension of the Mystery Shopper Service

The Government is extending the Mystery Shopper service (run by the Cabinet Office) to include spot checks on procurement processes, with the aim of improving capability, promoting good practice and removing SME barriers.

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PPN 03/14: Measures to Promote Tax Compliance

This PPN replaces PPN 06/13, dated 25 July 2013, on the promotion of tax compliance. It sets out the scope and background of the new policy, detailed guidance on how suppliers' responses should be assessed and how to promote tax compliance in the procurement process.

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All PPNs issued since 2011 can now be accessed via the following Cabinet Office webpage here.

Transposition of the New Procurement Directives

Cabinet Office has also published details of forthcoming training events and materials to assist public sector organisations in relation to the new procurement directives.

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