After an exhaustive investigation during which a number of serious concerns were probed, the European Commission eventually decided to clear Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems without imposing conditions. The focus of the investigation was whether the acquisition of the world’s leading open source database MySQL (owned by Sun) by Oracle, the leading proprietary database vendor, was likely to impede competition in the highly concentrated database market. The inquiry however disclosed that many database users considered PostgreSQL, a rival open source database, to be a credible substitute. A further influence on the Commission’s decision was Oracle’s public pledge to customers, users and developers of MySQL that third parties would be able to continue to develop storage engines to be integrated with MySQL and to extend its functionality. Another limb of the investigation focused on the impact of Oracle’s acquisition of the Java development programme. Ultimately, the Commission concurred with the US competition authorities in finding that Oracle would have little incentive to limit the licensing of intellectual property rights in Java.