On 7 April 2014, the ACCC accepted an Undertaking from Coles, after an investigation into a Coles social media campaign concerning farmgate milk prices.

Coles represented in a video and cartoon that farmgate milk price increased from 86 cents per two litre bottle, to 90 cents per two litre bottle.  In fact, the price had decreased from 86 cents to 84 cents per bottle.  The video and cartoon were published on YouTube, and was promoted on other platforms such as the Coles website, Facebook page and in links in its Twitter feed.

Coles admitted that the representations could have amounted to misleading or deceptive conduct, and has given an Undertaking not to make misleading or deceptive representations regarding the impact Coles’ pricing has on farmgate milk price or milk production more generally.

Coles is also required to review its ACL compliance program, particularly in relation to its advertising and social media strategies, and will publish corrective advertisements in the same manner as the original advertisements.