The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has intervened in an ongoing series of lawsuits against Tri-Union Seafoods, StarKist and Bumble Bee Foods alleging the companies conspired to set prices for tuna in the United States. In re Packaged Seafood Prods. Antitrust Litig., 15-2670 (S.D. Cal., order entered January 20, 2015). A California federal court granted the government’s unopposed motion to intervene at a status conference with attorneys representing several consumer and competitor plaintiffs in the consolidated action. The court found “common questions of law and fact between this civil action and an ongoing criminal grand jury investigation” conducted by the DOJ and accordingly granted a stay in the case. Details about the consolidation appear in Issue 588 of this Update and additional information on lawsuits brought by grocers appears in Issues 574 and 590.