On Thursday, the House and Senate overrode two vetoes of former Gov. Crist. The first veto was of the so-called “leadership funds” bill, H.B. 1207. The bill increases the individual disclosure threshold from $100 to $5,000, revises Florida election law to comport with recent federal case law (which, among other issues, struck down Florida's regulation of Internet communications and issue elections), and authorizes the leader of each political party conference of the House and Senate to establish a separate, affiliated party committee to support the election of candidates of the leader's political party. Supporters of the bill allege that it will provide more transparency, while critics allege that the bill will concentrate powers in the hands of House and Senate leaders. The second veto was of H.B. 7103, a comprehensive agriculture bill that, among other things, expands eligibility for a local business tax exemption for persons who sell agriculture products, prohibits a county from enforcing any regulations on agricultural land if the regulated activity is regulated by a state of federal entity, and exempts incorporated farms from being required to obtain a local occupational license to farm and sell their own products.