Manitoba is now part of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (the “NWPTA“). The addition of Manitoba to the NWPTA means all 4 western Canadian provinces are members, and the NWPTA common market encompasses 11 million people with a combined GDP of over $750 billion.

NWPTA seeks to liberalize and promote trade between its members. Among other things, the NWPTA requires that procurement of goods, services and construction by a broad range of government entities be done in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. (See a previous post on the NWPTA’s Bid Protest mechanism whereby suppliers can dispute awards of contracts made by public sector bodies.)

The NWPTA first came into effect on July 1, 2010, and has been fully implemented since July 1, 2013. Manitoba became a member to NWPTA as of November 17, 2016.

Whether you are a business operating in or looking to expand into Manitoba, or a public entity engaged in procurement, consider seeking legal advice regarding how the NWPTA may affect your business.