Mayor Rahm Emanuel has found a way to “fix” Chicago’s $30 billion unfunded pension for public workers and teachers.[1] In 2015, the City has its balloon payment coming due on its previously issued  pension bonds, yet its bond rating was recently moved to “ junk” status, making it a bit of a challenge to refinance.   So—how can Chicago fund the $1.1 billion balloon, which is a third of its total annual budget?

Frank Sinatra would be proud. Gambling will save the day.  A brand new shiny object.  A “win- win” proposal with glossy drawings and renderings.   A new casino, owned by the City, whose profits will go solely to fund the pension. Problem is, the middle-market has been so saturated with casinos that revenue declines are now being reported as the completion increases all across the mid-west and east coast. Take a look at Atlantic City lately?

State legislators have introduced a bill supportive of Mayor Emanuel’s plan.