The first week of the legislative session revealed what many suspected before the session began, that Medicaid expansion will be one of the biggest political and policy skirmish this year. Democrats, along with a few Republicans in the Legislature, have been advocating for Medicaid expansion, a policy Governor LePage strongly opposes and vetoed successfully two times during the 2013 session. This issue will be revisited this session and is at the center of political debate in Augusta. The first day of the legislative session kicked off with hundreds of activists being bused to the State House to advocate for Medicaid expansion. Proponents argue that we are leaving federal dollars on the table that could be spent on healthcare in Maine, and that this is a matter of access to healthcare to reduce overall costs. Opponents argue that very sick people are on a waiting list for MaineCare and we ought not expend State resources to expand to more childless adults that ultimately will drive up costs for Maine taxpayers while not addressing the waiting list.