According to news sources, a New York resident has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a health food store in Brooklyn, alleging that a weight-loss product it sold her caused insomnia, severe psychotic symptoms, involuntary commitment, and damage to her career in the Army Reserves. Theodore v. Natural Food Health Ctr., No. n/a (Brooklyn Sup. Ct., filed January 6, 2014).

Plaintiff Sainah Theodore claims that she used the product without incident in 2011, but when she began the month-long regimen to get fit for duty in Afghani- stan, she acted so bizarrely that she was committed for five days to a mental hospital. Lab testing on remaining Natural Lipo X pills allegedly revealed the presence of laxative and stimulant chemicals not approved for over-the-counter dietary supplements. While Theodore is seeking an undetermined amount of damages, her attorney has reportedly indicated that she sustained up to $21,000 in property losses, a $1,400 ambulance bill and lost wages of $14,000, including potential bonuses she is unlikely to get without duty in an active combat zone. See N.Y. Daily News, January 9, 2014;, January 13, 2014.