The US immigration benefits agency is verifying the bona fides and corporate relationships of petitioning employers by checking against Dun & Bradstreet (“D&B”) information. This applies to private as well as public companies. US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) relies on its “VIBE” program to run these checks, which checks against D&B’s “DUNSRIGHT” system, among other databases. The verification practice began on intracompany transfer petitions to verify that the US and foreign entities had the relationship to support the transfer. The verifications are now being used for other types of petitions as well, including H-1Bs and other work visas. It is therefore important for clients to keep their Dun & Bradstreet entries up-to-date so that they accurately reflect corporate relationships and other information critical to the approval of employment-based temporary and permanent visa classifications.

Companies can update their information at D&B by calling D&B’s customer service directly at + 1 800 234 3867 and following the prompts. Alternatively, the website at allows companies to update information online. Companies will need a password to update the information online. A password can be obtained by calling the customer service number cited above.

US employers who plan to file petitions going forward should be sure to keep their D&B entries up-to-date so that they accurately reflect the corporate ownership and relationships, as well as the bona fides of the enterprise, for immigration purposes.