In many industries, it is a requirement that certain individuals performing regulated activities are, and remain, fit and proper. Assessing whether an individual is fit and proper however, is not always straightforward. We look at some recent cases in Hong Kong which highlight where issues which, on their face, may not seem to be compliance risks, may in fact impact whether an individual is meets fit and proper requirements.

The introduction of the R visa across China in March 2018 has made it simpler for skilled foreign workers to work and live in China. Our Beijing team looks at what this means for eligible employees.

A recent decision, delivered in the Tokyo District Court, has provided employers with guidance on when benefits can be provided exclusively to permanent employees and not to fixed term employees. The decision comes at a time when employers are required to transition many fixed-term employees to permanent employment. Read about this here.

Our comparative article this month considers common questions arising in the context of dismissal for poor performance. In part 1, we look at these issues in China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Employee incentives play a key role in the retention of key personnel, never more so following an acquisition. Our article considers the advantages of certain incentive models and key considerations when applying them to employees based in Asia.