Earlier this month, we discussed Oregon’s new pay history ban, which became effective on October 6. On October 12, California enacted its own pay history ban, which prohibits all California employers from directly or indirectly asking about an applicant’s pay history for determining a job offer or prospective salary. Additionally, the new law will require California employers to provide job applicants, upon reasonable request, with a pay scale for a prospective job. The California pay history ban will become effective on January 1, 2018.

California is one of many states and cities that has recently enacted pay equity legislation. Lane Powell will discuss pay equity trends at its upcoming sold-out Labor and Employment Seminar in Seattle on Tuesday, October 17, where our attorneys will be available to answer any questions. Please also see our previous post on best practices for how employers should comply with pay history bans here. Employers should contact their counsel to discuss how this California law may impact their business.