The Moroccan National Office for Electricity and Water (ONEE) has announced the Tafilalet region will be the home to the first phase of a three phase photovoltaic program.

The first phase of the program will see ONEE invite pre-qualified bidders to submit their application for one of three photovoltaic plants. Bidders who want to be consider for the 25 MW plant have until 4 September 2015 to submit their application.

The financial cost of phase one is reportedly US$150 million. With funding contributions from The World Bank and The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

The IBRD announced that the goal of the first phase, “is to ensure energy security in the country and the improvement of quality of service for the regions located in remote areas as well as the promotion of renewable energies and the protection of the environment”.

ONEE has made no further announcements on the regional locations of phase 2 and 3. We understand phase two of the program will see 8 photovoltaic plants developed and phase three is likely to be 2 to 4 photovoltaic plants. With a minimum total combined power reach of 300MW.