Senators Franken and Blumenthal have introduced a bill, The Location Privacy Protection Act of 2011 and it would create a number of changes to how location-based information is gathered. The bill would require a customer’s express consent before collecting location data, as well as before sharing his or her location data with third parties.  The bill also: requests that the National Institute of Justice to issue a study on the use of location technology in dating violence, stalking and domestic violence; facilitates the reporting of these crimes to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center; calls upon the Attorney General to develop a training curriculum so that law enforcement, courts, and victims advocates can better investigate and prosecute crimes involving the misuse of geo-location data; and creates “narrowly-constructed” criminal penalties for the “worst abusers” of location technology. This includes criminal penalties for so-called “stalking apps” that knowingly and intentionally disclose geolocation information while knowing and intending that domestic violence or stalking will occur as a result of this disclosure, and criminalizes the knowing and intentional aggregation and sale of the location data of children 10 years old and younger.