You’ve been sued or are being threatened with suit, and you know you are in the right. What options do you do have to defend yourself against a party who tries to exploit the justice system to achieve a result to which he/she is not entitled? Here are a few options that an Ohio business owner has to fight back against the bad guys:

  • Vexatious litigation statute: Can be used to limit an aggressive party, such as a patent troll, from continuing with a lawsuit that’s already been filed. It can also prevent future lawsuits from that aggressor.
  • Abuse of process: Available, for example, as a counterclaim against a plaintiff who brings a baseless suit.
  • Intentional interference with contractual relations: Could be brought when you’ve been harmed by someone communicating with your customers, trying to convince them to stop doing business with you.
  • Interference with prospective business advantage: A similar claim, but with respect to potential customers, not existing customers.
  • Defamation: Could be added to any of the above claims if the statements said about you or your business are untruthful.