The Commission accepted legally binding commitments offered by three Star alliance members, Air Canada, United and Lufthansa, addressing the Commission’s competition concerns relating to their cooperation under a revenue-sharing joint venture. The revenue-sharing joint venture eliminated competition between the parties on price and capacity. Therefore, the Commission was concerned that the cooperation under the revenue-sharing joint venture may have resulted in higher prices for premium passengers on the Frankfurt-New York route. Further, the Commission found that due to considerable barriers to entry and expansion, new and existing competitors would have been unable to challenge the market power of the parties. To address the Commission’s concerns, the parties offered commitments aimed at facilitating the entry of new competitors on the Frankfurt-New York route. The parties offered to make landing and take-off slots available at Frankfurt and New York airports and to enter into agreements with competitors which allow them to offer tickets on the parties' flights (reducing competitors' frequency disadvantage) and to get better access to the parties' connecting traffic. After consulting third parties through a market test on the proposed commitments in December 2012, the Commission adopted a decision rendering the commitments legally binding for ten years. Source: Commission Press Release 23/5/2013