In a speech to the 41st Annual Securities Regulation Institute on January 27, 2014, SEC Chair Mary Jo White stated that the SEC will be implementing a new analytical tool called “NEAT,” which stands for “National Exam Analytics Tool.” The new tool will allow SEC examiners to analyze large quantities of trading data in a shorter period of time. The SEC plans to use NEAT to analyze insider trading, front running, window dressing, improper allocations of investment opportunities, and other kinds of misconduct. The implementation of NEAT comes after the implementation of another system by the SEC last year used to collect and analyze trading data across markets, called “MIDAS” – the “Market Information Data Analytics System.” In her comments, Chair White praised the SEC’s technology initiatives, noting that “in this rapidly changing environment, we must stay on top of advances in technology. NEAT and MIDAS are important tools that will help us keep pace with evolving technology.”