On 8 April 2016, Insurance Europe published a press release warning that consumers may find the proposed content of PRIIPs KIDs hard to understand and unhelpful when comparing investment products. It also warned that the methodology used to arrive at a risk indicator overstates the risk of PRIIPs. Insurance Europe reiterated its call for a one-year extension of the application date of the Regulation on KIDs for PRIIPs ((EU) 2014/1286). On 26 April 2016, Insurance Europe published an 'insight briefing' critiquing the Draft RTS. In particular, it reiterated its concern about the representation of: (a) how much a PRIIP would cost and (b) how much risk a PRIIPs would pose to consumers. Insurance Europe is particularly concerned about inclusion of the cost element of biometric risk premium (which they argue is not a cost, as it relates to insurance cover).