On September 4, 2018, the US House of Representatives passed the Miscellaneous Trade Bill Act (H.R. 4318) under suspension of the rules. The House had previously passed the bill (402-0), but the Senate passed the bill on a voice vote with minor amendments, requiring the House to take it up again. The President signed the MTB on September 13 and it is now Public Law 115-239.

All companies should review the list of products included in the MTB. The provisions are not (supposed to be) company-specific. Stated differently, any company that imports an article covered by a MTB description can claim the duty benefit (even if you were not the proponent of the provision). Also, keep in mind that the MTB only impacts the Column 1, General rates of duty for covered articles (i.e., the Most Favored Nation/Normal Trade Relations rates). The MTB does not change or otherwise impact Section 232 or Section 301 duties; those still apply.