Two new videos have been produced by the Employment Tribunal Service which provide useful guidance on how the Tribunal process operates, particularly for first time users of the service. They can be accessed here: Employment Tribunal Videos. The first video is based on an employee’s experience of a Tribunal Hearing while the second is based on that of an employer. The scenario used in both videos is that of a constructive dismissal claim.

It is important to note, if you are reading this in Scotland, that there are some difference between the process shown in the video and the Scottish Tribunal process. While the video shows witness statements being used, in Scotland witnesses normally answer questions put to them by the solicitor representing the party who has called them. The solicitor representing the other side of the tribunal will then cross-examine the witness as shown in the video.

It is also worth bearing in mind that Employment Tribunal Hearings are often more complex and time consuming that the videos suggest. In addition, the videos show very little documentation being used by the parties whereas in reality a more significant amount is usually lodged.

Despite these shortcomings the videos are a good resource for explaining the Tribunal process. Morton Fraser also provides witness familiarisation training which is aimed at those who are due to appear as a witness in a Tribunal claim or who may be required to do so in the future.