Summaries of the Screening Assessment Reports for various substances identified as a high priority for screening assessment continue to be released in the Canada Gazette. While certain substances were identified as not being a high priority for assessment of potential risks to human health or the environment, certain substances have been identified as constituting a danger to the environment as well as human health or safety. Where there has been a risk of danger to environmental, human health or safety, proposed risk management measures have been identified. For example in the case of Naphthalene, which was identified as meeting one or more of the criteria set out in Section 64 of the Act, notice was given of the intention to add it to Schedule 1 to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

A proposed risk management approach document was released for a public comment period of 60 days and comments have been received. This will be followed by the requirement for implementation to risk management measures to prevent exposure to critical receptors. Readers are well advised to check the Chemicals Management Plan website of Environment Canada for the most recent information on the issuance of the screening assessments and for decisions on whether or not there are any restrictions to be placed on importation, manufacture or use of those particular substances.

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