There is a huge amount of information coming out from the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) about CCGs. Their website contains a wealth of information on authorisation, configuration, development, engagement, governance, commissioning intelligence, commissioning support, human resources, health and wellbeing boards – the list goes on.

Please do visit our commissioning portal to view our blog, see links to the key documents and to see our short guides on key issues.  

The past few Health Legal Updates have covered the main developments. Also in July and August other publications have included:

This sets out a series of charts summarising the services to be commissioned by CCGs. It also sets out the complementary services to be commissioned by the NHSCB itself or by Public Health England.

It flags future guidance which will be coming out, on when the costs for an individual patient may be charged to another CCG. We are told that it is expected to follow the current responsible commissioner arrangements.  

This will be of interest to CCGs in all waves. Four key governance issues were covered:

  • Appointment of panels and their chairs
  • Governance arrangements for authorisation decisions
  • Moderation process
  • Conditions and rectification plans

There are a few sets of these around. The first is called: CCG Authorisation: Frequently Asked Questions. The second is called: Frequently asked questions for Towards Establishment: Creating responsive and accountable CCGs.

The former was updated in August and the latter in July. The latter alone contains over 100 FAQs. Plenty to keep readers occupied now the Olympics are over.