Have you wanted to know what other senior energy executives are thinking about today’s hot issues in the energy sector in Canada and around the world? We have. That’s why Energy @ Gowlings has introduced a new feature, “What Are Senior Energy Executives Thinking?”. From opinions on the development of renewable generation to views on alternative energy technologies to the place of Alberta’s oil sands in the continental supply mix, Gowlings will ask the questions you’ve always wanted to.

This issue’s web poll: A recent survey in the United States (of non-energy professionals) asked which strategy will most help the United States gain energy independence. Respondents replied: More efficient fuel vehicles and a reduction in vehicles 31%; Nuclear 20%; Offshore oil 18%; Solar 15%; Wind 14%; Coal 3%; and Hydro 0%.

Where do you see the future of the Canadian energy sector in helping meet our energy needs:

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