On July 30, 2014, the Fifth Annual Forum on Section 337 and Other Developments at the U.S. International Trade Commission, entitled Live at the ITC, was co-sponsored by the ABA-IPL Section ITC Committee, the ITCTLA and the D.C. Bar International Law Section and hosted in King and Spalding's Washington, DC offices.  Highlights of the forum included an intimate Q and A session with ITC Chairman Meredith Broadbent, Vice Chairman Dean Pinkert, Former Chairman and current Commissioner Irving Williamson and more recently appointed Commissioners David Johansson and Scott Kiefe, who discussed their new experience as Commissioners.  Other topics and questions covered by the Commissioners included the issue of public interest, with Chairman Broadbent noting that since 2010, the issue of public interest has been delegated to the ALJ for fact finding in 38 investigations, 5 of which have reached a final determination and 12 are still pending.  Although the 100-Day ID Procedure has only been used in one investigation to date, Commissioner Williamson stated that the Commission is not hesitant to use it in the right case.  Margaret Macdonald, Director of OUII, reviewed the criteria for Staff to have full, partial or no participation in an investigation and encouraged Complainants to respond to public interest statements filed by Respondents and the public.  Finally, a panel of practitioners addressed non-traditional uses of Section 337, emphasizing that injury must be shown in investigations not involving traditional patent, registered trademark and/or copyright infringement issues.