The BBC news website has the list of quangos to be abolished. In the planning field it includes the IPC of course (merge with the Planning Inspectorate). What else is there of interest?

Well there's a proposal to merge English Heritage with the National Heritage Memorial Fund. I confess to only a hazy notion of what that is, but I rather doubt it has the regulatory functions EH exercises in listed building control. There's a focus there on the work of maintaining ancient palaces I suspect. CABE is under review as well. That's a body which grew hugely when it was created to replace the understated, powerful but oddly named Royal Fine Art Commission.

A lot of DEFRA sponsored quangos face the end. But the surprises come with the news that the future of the Environment Agency is yet to be decided. Also, at the Ministry of Justice it says the future of the UK Supreme Court is "still to be decided - options being considered". They are talking about what was the House of Lords sitting as the final appeal court until Tony Blair and Jack Straw abolished the Lord Chancellor and then had to put the pieces back together again.

Reasons are given where a quango is being retained - usually either "Impartial" or "Technical". So it's also interesting to note that the reason for keeping the Planning Inspectorate is that it's "technical". I thought it was an appeal body. So impartial would be the reason.