Italian Government tentatively comments on retrospective FIT cut

Minister of Economic Development, Guidi, has stated that the Italian Government does not intend to revise the clean energy strategy for Italy.  However, the Government will look at certain technologies and whether there is room for certain parameters to be revised.  The statements were made at the recent G7 Energy Summit.  It is clear that news on the retrospective FIT cut will not be clarified for the time being.  The Government has said that it needs a few more weeks before it can confirm its position. De Vicenti, Deputy Minister on Economic Development, has stated that state incentives need to be regulated and not given out “willy nilly”. Yet again it is a case of watch this space…

Competition, EU and regulatory

The first instance Administrative Court of Lazio annuls the Italian Competition Authority decision to impose a fine on three companies in the alleged cartel for ferry transport to and from the Sardinia Region

By its judgment of 7 May 2014 the TAR Lazio annulled the ICA’s decision to impose a fine on Marinvest S.r.l., Grandi Navi Veloci S.p.A. and SNAV S.p.A. for an alleged cartel in the market of ferry transport to and from the Sardinia Region. In the TAR Lazio view, the ICA failed to provide sufficient evidence of a causal link between the alleged concerted practice and the sharp increase charged for Summer 2011 ticket prices by such operators.

First instance Administrative Court of Lazio, (TAR Lazio), Rome, First Chamber, no. 4730 of 7 May 2014

Litigation and Dispute Management

Electronic proceedings

New technical rules in electronic proceedings (Processo Civile Telematico) have been issued by the Ministry of Justice. Amongst the different aspects covered: electronic service of defense briefs by lawyers, requests of copies of defense briefs and documents filed in proceedings and electronic payment of court charges. The Processo Civile Telematico will become mandatory from 30 June 2014.

Ministry of Justice, 16 April 2014. To read the full text of the measure please click here.