Press release: Simple ideas are often the best ideas and 15-year-old Taranaki girl Ayla Hutchinson’s Kindling Cracker is no exception.  

Ayla, who invented and patented the Kindling Cracker, has received numerous awards for her amazing invention and she can now add another success to her journey, she is the only teen from New Zealand to make the worldwide TeenBusiness Top Twenty for 2014

Ayla still finds it hard to believe that her school project idea, invented after seeing her mum injure her hand when using a tomahawk to cut kindling, has developed into a successful business and improved the lives of countless people around the world. 

Ayla invented, designed and developed this amazing product and was determined to take it to market. Now Kindling Crackers are being sold under the family company and is completely funding itself from its sales (which was one of Ayla’s goals).

The Kindling Cracker is cast in metal, right here in New Zealand (she’s staunchly NZ Made and committed to “keep her country working,”) and engineered to withstand a lifetime of use. 

The Kindling Cracker has a fairly self-explanatory name. It is a tool that cuts kindling (chips of wood for fire starting) safely without having to swing a sharp instrument past your fingers. It has made splitting kindling an enjoyable task and is great for everyone from the young and old, the strong able bodied to people with physical impairments such as arthritis and disabilities.

Kindling Cracker’s are strong, robust and are a exceptionally functional tool yet they also looks so good they could be a work of art.

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